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Monday, June 9, 2008

Effectiveness: All about Desire, Knowledge and Skill

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Personal and professional effectiveness means that you can perform a particular task or activity in a superior manner, better than the best benchmark currently available for that task/activity or at least, you should be able to match up with it. It may not be possible to reach that excellence level from the level where you are at present, all of a sudden. However, you can improve upon your effectiveness gradually from your current status to the newly defined status.

You will have to follow a standard operating procedure (SOP or a process) for that.

First, you should have a desire to improve in that particular task/activity. You can take a horse to water but can not make it drink water unless the horse has desire to drink water. Same with human beings too.

Secondly, you should learn the relevant knowledge pertaining to that task. There is lot of knowledge for every task. Some one has written a 200 pages book titled "how to do a great handshake".

And, then you should practice that task again and again. Practice makes a man (and woman) perfect. There is no short cut to practice. There is no short cut to knowledge and desire also. If you wish to excel in shaking hands with people, first learn from that 200 pages (make sure that the stuff is authentic) and keep on shaking hands with every one you meet.

Ultimately, you will score 10 on 10 in shaking hands and it will become your habit. You will internalize that skill. It will happen to you, automatically, in the superior most manner, effortlessly.

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